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The information below outlines how to fill blank and pre-filled cartridges only, so if you have a tank, mod, or another type of personal vaporizer you want to follow the instructions provided with your ecig kit. Whatever type of ecig, vaporizer or mod, it is important to take proper care of your hardware, including cleaning, charging batteries and changing out parts such as the atomizer as needed to get the best vape each time.

You will require a straightened paper clip to push the white cartridge reservoir vial up above the rim of the brown/black cartridge and fill with electronic cigarette liquid by using the following method:

Remove the white rubber cap from the cartridge.  Hold the cartridge with the larger hole in the vertical (up) position. Insert the straightened paper clip through the small hole and push the white colored internal reservoir vial up so that it extends above the rim of the brown cartridge. Use the Liquid Nicotine bottle to fill the reservoir by squeezing the bottle with sufficient force to cause small drops of the e  liquid to drip onto the cotton material inside the reservoir until fully saturated. It will take approximately eight to ten drops of Liquid Nicotine to fill the blank cartridges when filling for the first time, and approximately three to five to refill a previously filled cartridge. 

Do not over fill the reservoir, when you see the e liquid /  e juice starting to bead up after placing several drops on the cotton material inside the vial, the reservoir vial is filled to capacity. When filling the blank catridges, the electronic cigarette liquid will bead up initially with the first few drops.  Let the Liquid Nicotine soak in throughly as you add the drops. If you are new to filling E-Cigarette cartridges this process will take a few tries to perfect the task and method, but believe me it is not complicated and is well worth the time and effort.  This is the most economical method to use the electronic cigarette. 

It is important to note that there are many electronic cigarettes on the market and this particular instruction may not be compatiable with your specific electronic cigarette, but it the case for most e cig start kits. However, most electronic cigarette cartridges, tanks and mods can be refilled using our e juice liquid nicotine and e liquid non-nicotine formulas saving you time, money, and of course allowing you to have a cleaner, healthier smoking/vaping options.

Once you begin using your E-Cigarette you will soon notice a big difference in your breathing and sense of smell and taste within a couple of weeks, if not days. You will also notice a difference in your skin, including complexion and texture. People will soon start telling you tell you that you look younger. You will no longer have to worry about that nasty yellow film on your walls, windows and more importantly your teeth. No more cigarette breath or ashtray hands and hair. Welcome to the New World of Vaping electronic cigarette liquid from E- JUICE  USATM.



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